Solo Performance Exhaust 993966

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Solo Performance Exhaust Axle Back w/ J Pipes (Convertible V8 LS3 or L99) 993966

CODE: SOL993966

Price: $498.50


Solo Performance



Solo Performance is proud to announce the 5th Generation Camaro Convertible V8 Axle-Back-With J-Pipes stainless steel exhaust kit. They have worked long and hard perfecting this exhaust kit. This exhaust kit offers deep, rich, raw American muscle sound on the outside while being non-invasive inside with no trouble RPM ranges.

Having this exhaust kit on your car is like having your cake and eating it too. Fierce on the outside, tame on the inside, the difference is staggering. The kit comes with T304 polished stainless steel, 4 ½” round and bevelled exhaust tips.

This exhaust kit works equally well on both the V8 Standard and V8 Automatic. They conquered the inherent “trouble” areas that the V8 Camaro can cause with exhaust systems. Sixth gear cruising is no problem with the 6-speed, and it’s just as smooth on the highway or in town with the automatic. The octave bump between 8cyl and 4cyl on the convertible autos are comfortable and pleasant as well.

The “Butterfly” valves on the Camaro auto are retained with this Solo kit. Solo has tuned the J-Pipes to take care of all these trouble areas on both cars. What’s left is the raw American muscle sound that these cars were meant to have!

The icing on the cake is the “Decel Burble” created by this axle back exhaust kit on both the V8 auto and standard. The raw, mean, bassy burble of the exhaust on deceleration is sure to make you smile.

Solo Performance guys are “exhaust note junkies” and the best way to describe the Axle Back note is “pure aggressive American muscle sound” that is still non-invasive on the inside whether the top is up or down. The Solo Convertible Axle-Back exhaust kit sounds like a controlled, angry, hungry lion. It’s definitely made for the enthusiasts. This tone contrasts to the Solo Camaro Convertible “Cat Back” exhaust kit which has a more refined, full, rich and slightly less aggressive note.

Exhaust Kit Specifications

* T409 Stainless Steel Piping
* 4.5″ T304 Polished Stainless Steel Round, Bevelled Tips
* Butterfly Valve is retained for “Auto’s”

Exhaust Kit Details

This kit includes tipsmufflerexhaust pipesj-pipes,clamps and all necessary hardware.


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